WhatsApp Business Solution

The WhatsApp Business Solution(WBS) empowers a way to connect your customers across the globe on WhatsApp platform in a simple, secure and reliable manner. .

How does it benefit your business?

Creating superior brand connections

Personalized communications

Engaging globally

Championing two-sided conversations

Messaging privately and securely

QR Codes for tickets/tracking pictures, files, etc.

How it works?

whatsapp-business-solution 1

Industries that need Messaging

Travel and Hospitality
Telecom & IT

The Om Enterprises Corner

Market Leadership & Expertise

Enjoy the revive of rich communication with our huge reachability and leadership across the world.

Reliable API & Integration

Trustworthy APIs and simple integration enable trouble-free communication experience.

Customized Onboarding

Customize the services as per your requirements.

Security & Compliance

Avail the benefits of our completely secure and robust infrastructure to simplify your communication process with WBS.

Omnichannel Communication

Experience seamless brand experience across all channels using WBS.