What is Verbatim?


Verbatim is a tool for the contact center to enable the customer to accept terms and conditions and comply with regulations related to compliance and disclosure. Web-based Verbatim allows agents to send end users an email or text message with a short link that points to terms and conditions, as well as disclosures that would otherwise have been required to be read out by the contact center agent as required by various regulations.

How does it benefit your business?

Save Price

Verbatim is secure, easy to implement, inexpensive and integrates easily with the existing enterprise CRM. The turnaround time to get acceptances is reduced

Freedom of platform

Customers can read the terms from SMS, voice or email to their choice of device.

Happy customers

Having the customer read the terms sent to them via SMS or email via Verbatim reduces call times, increases customer satisfaction and reduces agent fatigue related to reading the same disclosures repeatedly

Enables call times

As call centre agents tend to spend more and more time dealing with compliance on customer calls, especially capturing customer acceptance is required.

Industries that need Messaging