2-Way Messaging

Our 2-way text messaging service makes it easy to strike up a conversation. Every plan comes with unlimited contacts, and all incoming SMS messages are free!

How does it benefit your business?

  • Pace up your interaction with customers using two-way messaging, giving them an option to respond back at their convenience
  • Reduce human intervention with configurable auto-response to inbound requests thereby saving on communicational costs.
  • Automate inbound campaigns through keyword-based auto-responses
  • Prioritize your interaction with predefined keywords that would help you trigger filing and sorting of message replies based on your customer‚Äôs needs.
  • Validate service messages for your customers by sending SMS with a code.
  • Use same shortcode for multiple keywords and keep your users updated with budget highlights, polling figures, stock points, news bulletins and sports scores.
  • Increase and accelerate customer retention and loyalty with two way messaging.
  • Examine the money invested on the campaign by using our service to monitor and manage the return on investment.

How it works?

2 way messaging

Industries that need Messaging

Telecom and IT

The Om Enterprises Corner

Cross functional use

Expand your business with two-way messaging with no additional applications or software.


Expand your reachability  with our service at the unproblematic rate.

Easy integration

Adopt the one from our wide range of interface options such as web interface, APIs, HTTP, etc., with a swift and hassle-free integration.

Multilingual message transfer

Widen user readability with usage message communication supported through Unicode.


Get a detailed web-based reporting tool that provides insightful trends based on end-user responses.