Targeted SMS Marketing

Targeted SMS Marketing

Om Enterprises being the market leader across GCC, gives you the liberty to choose your target audience from our wide, intensive and pertinent database.Moreover, you can discuss your target audience group to us and we can do best targeting for your business to yield maximum results.

With our exhaustive experience in this market, we well determine which people are most likely to respond your offer and accordingly strategize our moves.

Advantages of Using Our BULK Messaging Service

  • Bull’s eye targeting - anyone, anywhere and anytime
  • Reach mobile phones even when offline
  • Non-encroaching
  • Reach thousands of potential customers directly
  • Send real-time offers, event updated messages etc.
  • Easy, swift and low-cost method for a variety of purposes
  • Brand messages straight into the prospects’ pocket
  • Reasons to adopt Targeted SMS Broadcast:

  • Bull’s eye targeting - anyone, anywhere and anytime
  • Reach mobile phones even when offline
  • Give You Brand REACH – Expert says, 99% of recipient read text messages & 73% users have replaced their wristwatch with their mobile!
  • Give You Brand VALUE – SMS database marketing is remarkably conversion optimized sub-set of mobile ads alleviates harvesting desired output. .
  • Give You Brand SWIFTNESS - Text message is opened and viewed in less than 5 minutes after receipt and hence bulk SMS broadcast are trusted for meritoriously time sensitive delivery.
  • Give You Brand PRECISION – 160-character limit makes SMS marketing services a boon for brands and result into concise, clear and to-the-point without any waffle that targeted SMS audience unlike to read.
  • Give You Brand AFFORDABILITY – Text SMS marketing is exceptionally low priced as compared to other relatively exorbitant marketing platforms.


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