This Service allows clients to transform their SMS into voice calls with no need to implement any infrastructure on their side.

How does it benefit your business?

  • Quick and easy integration.
  • No VoIP infrastructure required.
  • Only interested customers will be contacted via voice service, saving time and resources
  • Use any source number as Caller ID, in case you want to receive calls back from the users.

How it works?

sms 2 call

Industries that need Click2Call

Telecom and IT

The Om Enterprises Corner

Seamless Connectivity

Ensure a smooth, easy and extremely reliable service with Om Enterprises’s SMS2Call solution.

Charging Mechanism

OPT for the one that best fits your requirement with our varied charging plans.

Analytics Tool Integration

You can analyse and evaluate your performance with our powerful Analytics Tool.

Call Recording

Provide feature to record all the calls for future references.

Short or Long Code

Our Service includes long and short codes features to expand  your business globally .