Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients. An IVR system (IVRS) accepts a combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and provides the appropriate responses in the form of voice, fax, callback, email and other contact methods.

How does it benefit your business?

  • IVR significantly increases first contact resolution because callers are always directed to the agent who is most capable of meeting their needs or the most appropriate department. The agent who receives the call will be more qualified to answer the caller’s question and will be less likely to transfer the call to another agent.
  • Agents who work in a company that uses an IVR are more proficient at solving specific problems and meeting specific needs of the customers that they are assigned. The result is an increase in customer service efficiency.
  • Agents who work in a company with an IVR are more skilled at addressing specific issues, are less likely to consult with colleagues or a manager and are also less likely to transfer the call to another agent. This results in a significant increase in agent and company efficiency.
  • IVR systems will replace a receptionist or a customer service agent who answers calls and directs calls to agents. They are also very affordable, will increase efficiency and will reduce operational costs, so the ROI is huge.
  • When your IVR is easy to use and reliable, customers will never be routed to the wrong department, or to an agent who cannot solve their problems.

How it works?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Industries that need IVR

Telephone Banking
Order Management

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