Instant Virtual Number

virtual number which is configured virtually on the top of your existing primary mobile number. It not only certifies safety but at the same time lets the consumer control its privacy.

How does it benefit your business?

  • Maintain shared or separate payment methods as per your convenience for both numbers
  • Swiftly change the virtual number, in a matter of seconds.
  • Switch between the primary and IVN with ease by simply dialing a USSD code.
  • Schedule the use of the virtual number during a set time period.
  • Maintain calls and SMS screening list with IVN

How it works?

instant virtual number

Where To Use It?

Travel and Hospitality
Telecom & IT

The Om Enterprises Edge

Multiple Numbers

You can use multiple instant virtual numbers as per your requirements.


you can maintain a balance between personal and professional communication with maximum privacy.

No additional Requirements

No need to have additional devices or sim card with IVN.


You can start your new Instant Virtual Number within minimum times using our simple steps.


Save extra cost while using multiple numbers with IVN.