Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a digital system for keeping and managing the record of sender IDs and template.TRAI has introduced an advanced extension of the Blockchain – Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to prevent spam

Guidelines for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for Enterprises

Enterprises need to register with the Operator’s DLT platform by submitting necessary business documents. Enterprises need to select a Registered Telemarketer (RTM) and permit them to perform functions on their behalf.

Enterprises need to acquire consent from consumers (mobile subscribers) through SMS, Web or Mobile App and upload them on the DLT platform.

It is mandatory for any entity that intends to send a communication through messaging and voice gateway on the DLT platforms.

Telemarketers and end-users have to register on the DLT platforms separately.

Header (Sender ID) registration: Messages are classified into promotional, transactional, service explicit and service implicit which are registered and every header gets a unique Header ID that is shared across other DLT platforms seamlessly. All headers and templates on the platform should be registered.

Content Template Registration: Entities are required to register all their templates on the DLT system. Every template gets a unique Template ID that is shared across other DLT platforms uniformly.

You can go to below Operator DLT Registration portals:

Note: All request will be received at Operator and post KYC request will be approve on DLT.