It provides input interfaces to customers to send messages, collects those messages, and sends them to operators for delivery.

How does it benefit your business?

  • Backup support in terms of hardware and network connectivity ensuring a high level of availability.
  • The platform inherently works within your organisation’s premises, ensuring there is no external data exposure.
  • ensures a high level of availability.
  • Create multiple dummy and live customer accounts and completely control your platform.

How it works?


Industries that need Messaging

Travel and Hospitality
Telecom & IT

The Om Enterprises Corner

Price-based System

Use our price-based system to enhance your business across the world.

Pricing Assignment

Pricing assignments of a customer are based on a country and route combination.


Supports multiple routing for a customer for different gateways.

Filter Spam

Filtering mechanism in place to remove messages containing spam content.


Tunes message throughput according to the underlying hardware and software.