Acculync is a service that lets you trim your URL and provides you with analytics within Om Enterprises’s messaging platform. Additionally, it allows you to send unique hyperlinks embedded within messages to your customers. Truncate your lengthy and wordy links with our URL shortening service.

How does it benefit your business?

  • Reduce costs by allowing more content with lesser space through compressing the original link.
  • Know the click time, location, device type, operating system and many more attributes of your customer.
  • Increase reachability and visibility by embedding your brand name within every unique URL.
  • Capture campaign wise unique clicks and enable operating system specific redirection.
  • Real time URL shortening, campaign management tools, comprehensive reporting and smart API integration
  • Addressing all queries 24/7 globally.

How it works?

acculync 3

Industries that need Messaging

Social Media

The Om Enterprises Corner

Higher Transformation

You can increase your conversion rate with a personalized links and inch-perfect target.

Spot on Accurate Targeting

You can use our  detailed analytics and data to target the right audience and market.

Real time traffic analysis

Use real-time detailed analysis to measure our campaign’s ROI in real time

Cost Effective

Message contains 160 characters so you can save costs on multiple message.