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This revised textual content provides a cogent rationalization of the basics of meteorology, and explains hurricane dynamics for weather-oriented meteorologists. It discusses weather dynamics and the consequences posed for international swap. The Fourth version contains a CD-ROM with MATLAB® routines and up to date remedies of numerous key issues. a lot of the cloth is predicated on a two-term direction for seniors majoring in atmospheric sciences. * offers transparent actual reasons of key dynamical rules * includes a wealth of illustrations to clarify textual content and equations, plus end-of-chapter difficulties * Holton is without doubt one of the top experts in modern meteorology, and popular for his transparent writing kind * Instructor's guide to be had to adopters NEW during this variation * A CD-ROM with MATLAB® workouts and demonstrations * up to date remedies on weather dynamics, tropical meteorology, heart surroundings dynamics, and numerical prediction

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A Fig. 7 Rate of working on a fluid element due to the x component of the pressure force. January 27, 2004 16:17 Elsevier/AID 48 2 aid basic conservation laws Thus the net rate at which the pressure force does work due to the x component of motion is ∂ (pu)A − (pu)B δyδz = − (pu) δV ∂x A where δV = δxδyδz. Similarly, we can show that the net rates at which the pressure force does work due to the y and z components of motion are ∂ ∂ (pv) δV and − (pw) δV ∂y ∂z − respectively. Hence, the total rate at which work is done by the pressure force is simply −∇ · (pU)δV The only body forces of meteorological significance that act on an element of mass in the atmosphere are the Coriolis force and gravity.

10 introduction Balance of forces for hydrostatic equilibrium. Small arrows show the upward and downward forces exerted by air pressure on the air mass in the shaded block. The downward force exerted by gravity on the air in the block is given by ρgdz, whereas the net pressure force given by the difference between the upward force across the lower surface and the downward force across the upper surface is −dp. Note that dp is negative, as pressure decreases with height. 1 The Hydrostatic Equation In the absence of atmospheric motions the gravity force must be exactly balanced by the vertical component of the pressure gradient force.

2) Fig. 2 Resolution of δi in Fig. 1 into northward and vertical components. 3) Dt The left-hand side represents the rate of change of the absolute velocity Ua , following the motion as viewed in an inertial system. The right-hand side represents the sum of the real forces acting per unit mass. 5 we found through simple physical reasoning that when the motion is viewed in a rotating coordinate system certain additional apparent forces must be included if Newton’s second law is to be valid. 3). In order to transform this expression to rotating coordinates, we must first find a relationship between Ua and the velocity relative to the rotating system, which we will designate by U.

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