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By Robert E. Howard

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The author of Conan appears to the celebs in a single of fantasy's such a lot enduring technological know-how myth classics! Robert E. Howard's Almuric is a savage planet of crumbling stone ruins and debased, near-human population. Into this international comes Esau Cairn, Earthman, swordsman, assassin. in basic terms he can overthrow the negative devils that enslave Almuric, yet to take action he needs to first defeat the interior demons that pressured him to desert Earth. full of vile beasts and exciting event within the culture of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Almuric is certainly one of Howard's few novels, and a very good yarn from one in every of America's so much certain literary voices.

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Wailed Altha. ” demanded one of the warriors. ” roared Logar, red lights flickering in his blood-shot eyes. ”— here I saw that he was wearing it once more at his girdle. “He shall go to Thugra, and there I'll take my time about killing him. ” They loosened my legs, none too gently, but the wounded one was so stiff I could hardly stand, much less walk. They encouraged me with blows, kicks, and prods from spears and swords, while Altha wept in helpless fury, and at last turned on Logar. ” she screamed.

The moonlight streaming through the broken roof made only a white shaft in the darkness. I could only make out vague forms in the dimness about me—a heaving, writhing and lashing of shadows, that surged up against me, clawing and tearing, and fell back beneath my lashing sword. Thrusting Altha behind me, I backed across that shadowy chamber toward a wide rift that showed in the crumbling wall, reeling and stumbling in the whirlpool of battle that swirled and eddied about me. As I reached the rift through which Altha had already slipped, there was a concerted rush to drag me down.

Logar grunted in savage satisfaction, but his warriors were silent. Moderate corporal correction for women was not unknown among the Guras, but such excessive and wanton brutality was repugnant to any warrior of average decency. So Logar's braves looked glum, though they made no verbal protest. As for me, I went momentarily blind with the red madness of fury that swept over me. With a blood-thirsty snarl I jerked convulsively, upsetting the two men who held me; so we all went down in a heap. The other Thugrans came and boosted us up, glad to vent their outraged feelings on my carcass, which they did lustily, with sandal heels and sword hilts.

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