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By S. William Pelletier (Ed.)

ISBN-10: 008043665X

ISBN-13: 9780080436654

Quantity 14 of this sequence offers 3 fascinating studies of study on alkaloids.

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Et Mold. (Menispermaceae)[201] Cissampelos pareira L. (Menispermaceae)[ 144,190,202,203] The Bisbenzylisoquinoline Alkaloids - A Tabular Review 13 Table 1. ) Miers (MenispermaceaeX132 or 133)[177,178] Cyclea hainanensis Merr. (Menispermaceae)(132 or 133)[175] Cyclea madagascahensis Baill. (Menispermaceae)[144] Isolona pilosa Diels (Annonaceae)[ 180,181 ] Paracyclea ochiaiana (Yamamoto) Kudo and Yamamoto (Menispermaceae)[ 182] Peruvian curare [145] Pleogyne australis Benth. (Menispermaceae)[also called Pleogyne cunninghamii Miers (Menispermaceae)][l 83] Pleogyne cunninghamii Miers (Menispermaceae)[also called Pleogyne australis Benth.

Menispermaceae)[ 164,434] Cyclea peltata Diels (Menispermaceae)[43,267] Isopyrum thalictroides L. ) Walp. (Menispermaceae)[also called Stephania discolor Spreng. (Menispermaceae)][199] Stephania tetrandra S. Moore (Menispermaceae)[ 107,207,269,270,435,436]; ([268] detected, not isolated) Strychnopsis thouarsii Baill. (Menispermaceae)[272] Triclisia subcordata Oliv.

Muell. (Menispermaceae)[99] Pycnarrhena manillensis F. Muell. or Vidal (Menispermaceae)[100,101] Stephania cepharantha Hayata (Menispermaceae)[30,32,103,104] Stephania erecta Craib. (Menispermaceae)[135] Stephania pierrii Diels (Menispermaceae)[34] Stephania tetrandra S. Moore (Menispermaceae)[269] Thalictrum foetidum L. 2886 Berberis chilensis Gill, ex Hook. 2992 Thalictrum delavayi Franch. T. H. Wang (Ranunculaceae)[292] Thalictrum podocarpum Humb. 2624 Albertisia papuana Becc. (Menispermaceae)[16] Anisocycla jollyana (Pierre) Diels (Menispermaceae)[235] Cocculus hirsutus Diels (Menispermaceae)[329-331] Cocculus laurifolius DC..

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