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There was a spring nearby where devils were gathering. The head of the devils asked the other devils, one after the other, what they had accomplished. The first one he asked was the devil who had possessed the king and made him blind his own son. ” The head of the devils was very pleased and made him an officer. He then asked another devil who replied, “I went out today and peed on the sheep of a shepherd tending his flock up in the mountains. ” The head of the devils made him an officer too. He then asked the next devil what he had done.

There they heard music, gun salutes, songs and dances as if a marriage were being celebrated in town and asked the old woman if someone was getting married. She replied, “Oh yes, the daughter of the king of the jinns is getting married. ” “In three days,” answered the old woman. The Moor then addressed the old woman again, saying, “Here is a handful of money for you. Go to the maiden and whisper in her ear that the son of the king of the humans has come and wants to meet her. ” The old woman agreed, saying, “All right, I’ll go,” And off she went.

The king’s daughter met the Stirrup Moor and her new husband and they left together for the Moor’s inn to await news of the boy dressed in the bride’s clothes. The false bride was brought to the king’s palace to be married off. When the time came for her to be brought to the groom, she became ill and couldn’t go. She stayed in her room all night in the company of the groom’s eldest sister. The following night, the groom’s youngest sister said that she too wanted to spend the night with the bride and her request was granted.

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