A. R., & A. J. Boulton (Eds), Katritzky's Advances in Heterocyclic Chemistry, Vol. 10 PDF

By A. R., & A. J. Boulton (Eds), Katritzky

ISBN-10: 0120206102

ISBN-13: 9780120206100

(from preface)The 10th quantity of this serial ebook includes six chapters, 4 of which care for the overall chemistry of a particular team of heterocyclic compounds: pyridopyrimidines (W. J. Irwin and D. G. Wibberley), benzofuroxans (A. J. Boulton and P. B. Ghosh), isoindolee (J. D. White and M. E. Mann), and pyrylium salts (A. T. Balaban, W. Schroth, and G. Fischer). the rest chapters are involved in indole Grignard reagents (R. A. Heacock and S. Kasparek) and with cyclic hydroxamic acids (J. B. Bapat, D, St. C. Black, and R. C. Brown).The foreign style of the e-book is preserved: our participants come from six international locations in 3 continents.We thank the authors and publishers for his or her cooperation which has allowed creation of this quantity in below 365 days.

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126a B . NUCLEOPIIILIC ATTACK Aniline and benzofuroxan react at high temperatures ( 150°-1600) to give 2,5-dianilinobenzoquinonedianil(49). ~~ 0- (49) Several examples of nucleophilic displacement of nitro-activated leaving groups have been recorded. 229118 Azide ion displaces chloride from both 5-chloro4-nitro- and 4-chloro-7-nitrobenzofuroxan(51 and 52); the product from the former loses nitrogen spontaneously to give furoxanobenzofuroxan (benzobisfuroxan, 17), which is also formed, although in poor S.

2 B. Oddo, Gazz. Chim. Ital. 41, 221 (1911); Chem. Abstr. 5, 2638 (1911). 3 B. Oddo, Gazz. Chim. Ital. 39, 649 (1909); Chem. Abstr. 5, 686 (1911). 43 44 R. A. HEACOCK AND s. KASPAREK [Sec. 1 The indole Grignard reagents have been widely employed as intermediates in synthetic work, mainly for the introduction of substituents into the 1- or 3-positions of the indole ring system. ’ I n 1954, two summaries of the chemistry of the indole Grignard reagents were published (Sumpter and Millera and Kharasch and Reinmuthg).

Ganellin and H. F. Ridley, personal communication, 1967. 16a H. F. D. Thesis, University of London, May 1966. 1611C. R. Ganellin, D. R. Hollyman, and H. F. Ridley, J . Chem. p. 2220 10 R. 11 (1967). 17 J. C. Powers, W. P. Meyer, and T. G. Parsons, J . Am. Chem. 89, 5812 (1967). G. Casnati and A. Pochini, Chim. I n d . (MiZan)48, 262 (1966). 19 B. Casnati, and A. Pochini, Chim. I n d . (Milan) 49, 172 (1967). 2 o T . E. Young, J . Org. Chem. 27, 507 (1962). 21 T. Young and M. F. Mizianty, J . Org.

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