Kalen Delaney's Advanced Transact−SQL for SQL Server 2000 PDF

By Kalen Delaney

ISBN-10: 0735609985

ISBN-13: 9780735609983

In complex Transact-SQL for SQL Server 2000, authors Itzik Ben-Gan and Thomas Moreau discover the robust features of Transact-SQL (T-SQL). Ben-Gan and Moreau supply strategies to universal difficulties encountered utilizing all types of SQL Server, with a spotlight at the most up-to-date model, SQL Server 2000.Expert assistance and genuine code examples train complex database programmers to put in writing extra effective and better-performing code that takes complete good thing about T-SQL. The authors provide functional ideas to the standard difficulties programmers face and contain in-depth details on complicated T-SQL subject matters comparable to joins, subqueries, saved techniques, triggers, user-defined capabilities (UDFs), listed perspectives, cascading activities, federated perspectives, hierarchical buildings, cursors, and extra.

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00 deptno 400 200 100 400 400 NULL deptname Management Production Engineering Management Management NULL Step 2. Perform ED RIGHT OUTER JOIN Jobs. 30 You should now get the desired output. With left and right outer joins, the order in which the tables appear in the query determines the order of their processing. This, of course, makes sense, because their order affects the output. In the case of full outer joins, however, their order doesn't affect the output; hence, it doesn't determine their processing order.

The old−style syntax has very limited support for outer joins with more than two tables. For example, try to write the previous query in the old−style syntax. An illegal attempt is shown in Listing 1−21. jobid This query will produce an error, indicating that the query contains an outer join request that is not permitted. If you want to supply employee, department, and job information for matching employees and departments, preserving all jobs, you can write the query in Listing 1−22 using the SQL−92 syntax.

The solution is presented in Listing 2−11. CustomerID ) Note In some other systems, it is recommended that you use a constant or an indexed column, instead of* inside the inner SELECT. In SQL Server, the optimizer is smart enough to create the correct plan regardless of what's in the SELECT list. When you use an EXISTS predicate, SQL Server has to do less work than if you used a COUNT(*) > 0 predicate. Once one row has been found to satisfy the EXISTS predicate, there is no need to search any further.

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