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So, now, both of the speaker's chances for human interaction have failed. He saw a watchman, but avoided him, and he heard a cry, but it wasn't for him. " But now we're looking at something that is at an unearthly height, the farthest away of all. Line 12 One luminary clock against the sky Now we're told what's at "an unearthly height" - a luminary clock in the sky - but we're not quite sure what that is, either. " This word is often used to describe something that is really bright or glowing, or someone who is really smart.

Use this if want to sound smart, but we think “pause” is just fine. You can create pauses in a lot of ways, but the most obvious is to use punctuation like a period, comma, or semicolon. Note that a pause at the end of a line is not a caesura. ” Cliché: Clichés are phrases or expressions that are used so much in everyday life, that people roll their eyes when they hear them. For example, “dead as a doornail” is a cliché. In good poetry, clichés are never used with a straight face, so if you see one, consider why the speaker might be using it.

To make an analogy with rock and roll, it’s the difference between a two and a half minute pop song with a hook that you get sick of after the third listen, and a slow-building tour de force that sounds fresh and different every time you hear it. Once you’ve gotten a taste of the really rich stuff, you just want to listen to it over and over again and figure out: how’d they do that? Aside from its demands on your attention, there’s nothing too tricky about reading a poem. Like anything, it’s a matter of practice.

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