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By Jared Lobdell

ISBN-10: 087548316X

ISBN-13: 9780875483160

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In the twentieth century, such variety becomes even greater. Vladimir Mayakovsky brought the language of the streets to Russian poetry, while Vyacheslav Ivanov used a language replete with archaisms.

The fact that mention of the fruit itself is delayed until the second line encourages the initial uncertainty as to whether the sound is human or natural. ) Mandel shtam introduces himself with extreme rhythmic subtlety, beginning his “first” poem with an unexpected stress on a semantically loaded concept. This brief examination of iambic tetrameter should suffice to demonstrate that syllabo-tonic poetry, while rhythmically predictable to a great extent, still leaves room for variation, and that poets take advantage of these rhythmic freedoms to draw our attention to certain words.

Take courage, o friends, fight diligently, / Though the battle be unequal, the struggle hopeless! ) Nekrasov’s subject matter is itself taken from daily life. The “shooting” he describes is not part of an epic battle, but refers to the cannon shots traditionally used to warn Petersburg’s inhabitants of an impending flood. Tiutchev’s poem is set in mythic time, the speaker an unidentified bard of antiquity, who urges warriors on to glorious deeds in battle. Nekrasov’s speaker is clearly just an average Petersburg citizen, and his lexical choices reflect this.

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