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By Efraim Racker

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3-1 Rotating carrier Mobile carrier i i Some communication systems in membranes. 48 3. Phosphorylation and Membranology model in the center of Fig. 3-1. We can mention gramicidin, alamethicin, and the proton pump of bacterial rhodopsin as well-established examples for the channel model, and valinomycin, nigericin, and many proton ionophores as prototypes for mobile carriers. Although there is no authentic example for the carrousel model, we cannot rule it out at the present time. However, as I shall discuss later, we did eliminate in a reconstituted system the operation of a particular carrousel model that 2+ has been proposed for the operation of the C a pump of sarcoplasmic reticulum.

Chloroplast particles depleted of CFi did not show the characteristic pH rise on illumination and complete restoration of the phenomenon was achieved 2+ by addition of CF X and M g . We were faced here with an apparent paradox. We believe that CFi catalyzes the final transphosphorylation step in the formation of ATP from ADP and Pj. It should not therefore be required for the light-driven proton translocation which requires neither ADP nor Pj. The resistance of the process to energy transfer inhibitors and to C F Î antibody were experimental observations consistent with that notion.

With ascorbate-PMS in the presence of antimycin we measure only the span between cytochrome c and oxygen. With DPNH as hydrogen donor and Qj as hydrogen acceptor, the first site can be measured with other reactions eliminated by the presence of antimycin A. The first site can also be evaluated in the reverse direction by measuring the energy-dependent reduction of DPN by succinate. Mechanism of Phosphorylation Coupled to Electron Transport 53 I want to discuss now current views on the mechanism of oxidative and photophosphorylation.

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