Geoffrey N. Leech's A Linguistic Guide to English Poetry (English Language PDF

By Geoffrey N. Leech

ISBN-10: 0582550130

ISBN-13: 9780582550131

Seeks to illustrate that the examine of English poetry is enriched by way of the insights of recent linguistic research, and that linguistic and important disciplines are usually not separate yet complementary. analyzing a variety of poetry, Professor Leech considers many features of poetic sort, together with the language of prior and current, inventive language, poetic licence, repetition, sound, metre, context and ambiguity.

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20 In the mysterious workings of culture, real experiences of robotic constructs, however complex, may disappoint, betraying our implicit expectations about what such experiences should entail. In this discourse, then, stories and objects lend reinforcing elements to each other while inspiring different personal and cultural responses. Stories give expression to forceful animating fantasies only possible in the imagination. The linguistic and psychological predispositions that allow us to imagine an object coming to life are evoked and enhanced in representational spaces.

While the novel displays a philosophical pastiche of poetic, scientific, and social thought, much as the monster presents a collection of disparate body parts, there is a multivalent coherence of form in this unusual book. 8 This box structure itself deploys a symbolic Figure 7 Confrontation, negotiation, rejection: the new mysteries of Frankenstein ( James Whale, 1931). Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) finally comes face-­to-­face with the creature (Boris Karloff). © Universal Pictures The Artificial Birth 35 register in which the problems of exteriority and interiority, of material form and “spark of being,” play out in the novel’s composition, tempting us to look for an ever more interior story within the framed narratives or instructing us to notice the intra-­frame connections.

And while the artificial birth is often described as a cerebral process, as a construction or fabrication, it is in fact intimately related to processes of human generation. The structural consistency of artificial birth fantasies offers an eloquent identification of what matters in the discourse of the artificial person. ” we are, and perhaps unconsciously, exactly at the crux, the linchpin of the issue. ” Origin stories, or stories that attempt to answer or radically expand this question, can be our guide to the relationship between real and artificial people before the modern era, when the boundary between them operates within different conceptual rubrics.

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