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By William Robert Stanek

Input an international of titans and dragons, males and elves. Xith, final of the Watchers, returns after a protracted seek, bringing with him one of many coveted Orbs of energy. while Delinna Alder touches the orb, she's going to be reworked perpetually and are available to grasp the deadly fee of her prize. As Delinna and Xith are swept right into a harmful net of magic, treachery, and betrayal, their offerings carry the lives of many and their international within the stability. ranking: adolescents, thirteen and up simply. a few mature material.

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Both Ambrosius and Uther are fostered by Cuithelinus, Archbishop of London. c. 438: Renewed raids in the southeast by Frisians, Jutes, and others. Some residents of Roman towns retreat t o old Celtic hillforts. 440: A Pictish spy murders Constantin. Vortigern drags Constans from the monastery and convinces the Supreme Collegium t o crown him, hoping to use the weak, unworldly king as his puppet. Meanwhile, a new wave of Irish invade Demetae and Dumnonii lands. 442: Attila the Hun invades the Danube provinces.

Aurelius follows and besieges him. 469: Vortigern dies from a fire within his tower. The Britons crown Aurelius. Hengist tells Aesc to lead Kentish women and children back to the continent, while Hengist himself leads the Saxon men to his sons’ theods in Deira and Nohaut. Aurelius and Uther pursue Hengist, defeating the Saxons first at Maisbeli and then the next day at Conigsborough. Count Eldol of Glevum and Duke Gorlois of Cornwall drag Hengist from his heorthwerod and kill him. Hengist’s sons Octa and Eossa swear fealty to Aurelius.

495-509 With Uther dead and Arthur still an unacknowledged minor, the Britons have n o king for fifteen years. Before, they were squeezed between three foes: the Saxons in the east, the Picts in the north and the Irish in the west. Now, they are faced by masive civil wars as well, as self-styled kings, dukes and princes fight for the prize of all Britain. Doug Bramwell (order #25702) 510: Arthur draws the sword from the stone and wars against rebel British kings. Some Saxons aid the rebels, but most make opportunistic raids.

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